Why Join LipSense / SeneGence? Here are 9 Reasons!


So ... you've played the direct sales home business game before and never seem to win, huh? You join a company, get all excited for the potential, and then two breaths later, it's all whomp whomp whomp. I feel you, sister. I get it. I've been there too. LOTS of times. But now . . . I'm suddenly not. I have finally found THE ONE I'll be sticking and staying with 'til the end. It's SeneGence (parent company of LipSense), baby! All the way. And here's why:

1. Product(s) that women WANT - Lipstick that lasts! Kiss-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof! Plus, a full line of skin care and cosmetics.

2. Low start-up cost - $55 to join! Includes your back office for a year. $55 to potentially change your life?! Yes, please!

3. Generous product discounts - From 20-50% off retail price. No limit.

4. Three ways to make money - Product sales, downline commissions, group sales volume bonuses. Can you say #BigGirlMoney?!

5. Lifestyle bonuses - Trips (2 per year), jewelry, free products, car, crowns, recognition! (Yay for recognition just for doing something funnnnnnn!)

6. Life-changing friendships - SeneGence offers a sisterhood like nothing I've experienced in direct sales . . . and I've been around. I've never been happier with a company, and as they say, "The better it gets, the better it gets."

7. No quotas or territories - Yay!

8. International team-building opportunities - SeneGence is open for business in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK! Who do you know in these areas?! Bring 'em on!

9. It's FUN!!!! - Let's face it, playing with makeup is soooo super fun! And getting together with the girls makes it even better.

Sound intriguing? Take a chance on this incredible opportunity. We've just begun the Momentum phase of the business cycle and there's nowhere to go but up. JOIN US! You just may find you've finally found The One.