Why Join LipSense / SeneGence? Here are 9 Reasons!


So ... you've played the direct sales home business game before and never seem to win, huh? You join a company, get all excited for the potential, and then two breaths later, it's all whomp whomp whomp. I feel you, sister. I get it. I've been there too. LOTS of times. But now . . . I'm suddenly not. I have finally found THE ONE I'll be sticking and staying with 'til the end. It's SeneGence (parent company of LipSense), baby! All the way. And here's why:

1. Product(s) that women WANT - Lipstick that lasts! Kiss-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof! Plus, a full line of skin care and cosmetics.

2. Low start-up cost - $55 to join! Includes your back office for a year. $55 to potentially change your life?! Yes, please!

3. Generous product discounts - From 20-50% off retail price. No limit.

4. Three ways to make money - Product sales, downline commissions, group sales volume bonuses. Can you say #BigGirlMoney?!

5. Lifestyle bonuses - Trips (2 per year), jewelry, free products, car, crowns, recognition! (Yay for recognition just for doing something funnnnnnn!)

6. Life-changing friendships - SeneGence offers a sisterhood like nothing I've experienced in direct sales . . . and I've been around. I've never been happier with a company, and as they say, "The better it gets, the better it gets."

7. No quotas or territories - Yay!

8. International team-building opportunities - SeneGence is open for business in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK! Who do you know in these areas?! Bring 'em on!

9. It's FUN!!!! - Let's face it, playing with makeup is soooo super fun! And getting together with the girls makes it even better.

Sound intriguing? Take a chance on this incredible opportunity. We've just begun the Momentum phase of the business cycle and there's nowhere to go but up. JOIN US! You just may find you've finally found The One.



Think I'm Kidding When I Say LipSense is The Bomb? Watch This!

I am so in love with LipSense, I actually made and uploaded my very first YouTube video. (First. One. Ever!) Seriously, watch it pass the swipe test, then contact me to get you some! No. More. Vanishing. Lipstick. Syndrome!!!

Color I'm wearing in video: Fly Girl
Gloss I'm wearing in video: None
Recommended gloss with Fly Girl: Glossy, Matte, or Opal
Recommended color combos with Fly Girl: 2 swipes Fly Girl, one swipe Apple Cider, Pink Champagne, or Beige Champagne.

LipSense Distributor # 382440


End Vanishing Lipstick Syndrome with the LipSense Starter Collection

Ladies! When was the last time you put on lipstick and it lasted all day long? If you're a LipSense user, it was probably just this morning. If you're not, my guess is the answer is NEVER. Because, for the most part, LIPSTICK DOESN'T LAST! And it's hella irritating, amiright?! You spend the money. You apply your lipstick. You reapply. And reapply again. BUT IT STILL WIPES OFF OR SMUDGES! Mrph!

Enter, LipSense, by SeneGence. The waterproof, smudge-proof, kiss-proof lipstick that stays where you put it for the whole darn day.

LipSense molecularly bonds to your lips, ensuring lasting color that doesn't flake or disappear. And our gloss nourishes your pout, helping to restore lips to their healthy natural state.

And if you make an error while applying your LipSense? Our Ooops Remover undoes what your shaky hands have done!

You can grab this fantastic starter collection for only $55 and get your newest addiction underway. And I promise you, once you LipSense, you'll never go back!

Contact me for more details, or visit SeneGence.com to learn more. If you order, enter Distributor # 382440 and I'll be sure to take great care of you. After all, happy customers = happy LipSense ladies! =)




A U.S. Map of LipSense Distributors: We're Not Even Close to Being Saturated


It's been almost five months since I first posted our LipSense by SeneGence distributor map and WOW, have we seen a lot of growth since then! We are now at about 200,000 distributors!

Personally, my own "little" team has grown to over 20 ladies, many here in Michigan, but others in New Jersey and even one in Canada! WOOT!

I've also "ranked up" three times, hitting Maiden, Royal In Waiting, and Royal. I'm on my way to Lady, and let me tell you, being part of this opportunity--this family--has been an absolute joy! I cannot wait to see what the next five months hold. JOIN ME to see what this business can do for you and your family!



 SeneGence Map of Distributors, updated July 2017

SeneGence Map of Distributors, updated July 2017

Original post date: May 19, 2017

Considering becoming a LipSense by SeneGence distributor? That would be a very smart choice! Why? Because we're just beginning the Momentum phase of business growth. What does that mean to you? THE FUN IS JUST BEGINNING!

Check out this graphic depicting LipSense distributors throughout the United States. I live in an area with a distributor concentration of less than 1%. I don't know about you, but that kind of growth opportunity sounds pretty darn exciting to me!

Regardless of where you are, there is PLENTY of opportunity to grow with LipSense-SeneGence. Hop on this Crazy Lippie Train NOW and reap the rewards for a long, long time!


READY TO MAKE SOME MONEY? Contact me or visit the SeneGence site to learn more.

Ready to join? Head to this page and enter Distributor # 382440. I'll reach out as soon as I see you come through and we'll get you on the Success Train right away!


With LipSense/SeneGence, Ground Floor Really is GROUND FLOOR

Join LipSense by SeneGence early and ride the wave to long-lasting success. Want financial freedom, time freedom, and a fun work-from-home opportunity that can change your life? LipSense/SeneGence is the answer! Join today, start living the life of your dreams.

Learn more at SeneGence.com and enter Distributor # 382440. I can't wait to help you get started!!!